This inaugural book has been lovingly researched, compiled and written by Janet Land, William "Bill" Land's daughter. She originally intended to simply share Bill’s War Journal and photos with his descendants. However, her ever-deepening research into WWII and her father’s family history resulted in this three-part book.

Learn about one man’s fascinating, first-hand account of his WWII experiences as a British Indian Army officer in India, Ceylon and Italy. Read Bill’s War Journal that he mostly wrote while serving, and continue the tradition of remembering our veterans' courage and sacrifice that enabled us to enjoy our freedom today.

Very few WWII veterans are still alive today. Preserve the memory of those who fought by gifting your children and grandchildren with LANDED: The WWII Journal and Family History of William Douglas Land. 

Let it engage your family and provide a point of discussion that older generations need to have with younger ones.

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“I shall miss ‘the camaraderie’ too which you get nowhere else but in the Army. Those days I know can never be repeated, and thank goodness I had the sense to make a pretty fair pictorial recording of it all.”
— William Douglas Land

LANDED: The WWII Journal and Family History of William Douglas Land

➤ by janet land

A stunning collector's item with exclusive war photos, maps, family trees and fascinating accomplishments, bound in a hard cover.

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Megan Smith-Harris


"LANDED catapulted me into the rich world of William Douglas Land and kept me turning the pages until the end. I loved getting to know Land through the intimacy of his letters and journal entries juxtaposed with life's realities - war, the immigrant experience, business, and fatherhood.A wonderful book to read and share."


Christopher McKay

Military Historian

“The things that I find the most interesting are the little details that you wouldn't find in an overall history of the War. For example, when he first joins, he talks about how there's more kit than he has a place for. Or later, when he's on ship, he describes what happens when they think they saw a submarine. In a similar vein, it's very neat to read what people thought about the events that were happening before they had the full picture. The sinking of the French Navy, for example, or the way he describes the Russians. You don't really get those things looking back."

Allan Silburt

Author of A Colourful Life: the art and drawing of Josh Silburt

"With the care and attention needed to respectfully preserve the memories and artifacts of his life, Janet has presented William’s diary with a minimal amount of editorial that might distract the reader from seeing the world through William’s eyes.”